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What To Do After The Break-Up And How To Win Her Back

The most recent break-up has left you devastated. It’s not the first time a girl broke up with you but you feel that she is the one – the love of your life and the girl you’re marrying. But now she’s gone and the thought of having lost her forever pains you. Before you lose all hope, you must know things can still be fixed. You don’t have to be stuck with the question of how to get my ex back for the rest of your life. With the following tips for getting her back, she won’t be “the one that got away.”

What do I do after the break-up?

It’s going to be awkward for few weeks after the break-up and it’s not a good time to win her back. You and your ex need a time-out. As a general rule, stay friends with her and continue planning how to get my ex back. Also, find ways to improve yourself. Getting rid of bad habits is usually a good start. This will give her more reason to take you back. It’s also important you stick to the following rules at this point.

Don’t date other girls. Sure, you two are no longer together and your ex will probably understand if you start seeing other girls. But if you’re asking about how to get my ex back, you don’t want to cross this line.

Apologize if you did something wrong. Swallow your pride. What matters most is that you get to save the relationship. If you made a mistake, tell her you’re sorry. Make sure you honestly regret what you did. This is really important if you’re wondering how to get my ex back. The sincerity or lack thereof will show on your face when you talk to her personally.

Stay in touch. Just because she broke up doesn’t mean you have to distance yourself and stop showing you care. While planning on how to get my ex back, call her once in a while to check how she’s doing. It’s also a way to show her you’re not dating other girls. You can e-mail her if you have something interesting to share, like an article or a photo. Sending texts and IMs are two more convenient ways to keep in touch.

How to get my ex back?

When things between you and your ex are more comfortable, it’s time to put your plans of how to get my ex back into action. During this stage, you will basically court your ex to win her back. Instead of doing things you normally would, surprise her each time and you’ll surely win her back. Ask her out on a date, send her notes while she’s at work, leave a bunch of flowers on her doorstep, and take her to places she’s never been. These are just some of the things you can do when asking how to get my ex back. Make her feel extremely special every chance you get.


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