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Three Steps For Winning Back Your Girlfriend

Winning Back GirlfriendSo you’ve hit a rough patch with your girlfriend. In reality it happens in most relationships, but the key to winning her heart back is to prove to her that not only can you make it through tough times together, but that you’re also worth her effort in doing so. If you know in your heart that this girl is meant to be with you, and you know you’re meant to be with her, then you’ll need to convey those feelings into actions. Women have a tendency to appreciate fulfilling actions that display love and affection. In actuality, you’ve already shown this side of yourself at some point; that’s why she was with you in the first place. The key then to winning her back is to show her once again how you truly feel, because actions speak louder than words.

1) Get “The Spark” Back

Remember when you first met this girl? You probably felt some sort of connection with her, and because of that feeling, you began to act differently around her. Maybe you acted kind, caring, indulging, affectionate, or a list of other attributes. Those feelings you conveyed left an impression on her, and one that was strong enough to make her feel wanted and desired. That feeling is what gives a relationship its “spark”, that genuine feeling of lust and adornment. So how do you go about recreating that feeling? You’ll have to show her that side of you once more. You’ll need to prove to her that you’re still the caring, loving guy that she knew, but more importantly, that she’s the center of your world and the highlight of your thoughts. She needs to feel wanted again, and it’s up to you to show her how much she is desired.

2) Be Sincere

If there’s anything women know about men, it’s that they can tell when they are lying or being flat out insincere. Sure you may want her back, but if you aren’t willing to lay yourself on the line and show that to her, she’ll be able to tell, and she won’t be buying your story. As int he previous step, showing that you’re sincere requires proving your true emotions. Women want to see that a man isn’t afraid to show how he truly feels. In fact, women find this sort of action very revealing, and quite masculine (contrary to what most men believe). Allowing your true emotions to show will prove to her that what you’re saying is true, and that your words are sincere.

3) Take Things Slowly

If the relationship ended a bit rocky, chances are you won’t be able to patch things up instantaneously. You’ll need to provider her some space so you don’t crowd her in or back her into a corner. The last thing you want is for her to feel as if you are forcing her into a position she doesn’t want to be in. All of your actions should reflect her signals. If she seems like she wants to hear more, then give her more. If she’s giving off signs that you better back off for a bit, then you should do just that. Women can be fragile, so you’ll have to tip toe your way back into her life.


Following these steps can’t guarantee a successful rekindling of the relationship, but they are the steps that’ll set you on the right path. Her decision weighs equally in the restart of your intimacy, if not more so. Because of this, you’ll want to pay special attention to Step 3, but also be sure to follow the other two in order to ensure your spot back in her life.

What’s important to keep in mind, above all else, is to be patient. Chances are your relationship may have fallen apart because of a “final straw” scenario. There may have been other issues boiling up but one last instance took it to it’s end. When this happens it’s vital to recognize that something which took time to break can’t be fixed in one single step. In fact, rearranging things back together can take days, weeks, even months. However, if you’re sure she’s the girl for you and that she should be in your life, then your patience and signs of affection will pay off.


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