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How To Steal Your Ex Boyfriend From His New Sweetheart

The thought of stealing an ex boyfriend from his girlfriend seems too far-fetched of an idea – but it can be done.

You may think she is more beautiful than you, but as the recent ex girlfriend, you still have several advantages over her.

  • Who did your ex boyfriend share special moments with for the past few months or years?
  • With whom does he have a deeper connection?

    It’s not his new girlfriend – it’s you.

The fact that he leaped into a different relationship too soon is another tell-tale sign that he’s in a rebound relationship and that he’s still in love with you. The chances of how to get back with your ex boyfriend are still high even with the new girl around but you have to act fast. O

Otherwise, you might just lose him forever to his new found sweetheart.

Make him jealous

Most women make the mistake of staying single while their ex boyfriends are freely dating other girls. These types of women believe that by staying single, they can get back their ex boyfriends any time they want. This isn’t how a man thinks however because the longer you stay single, the more comfortable your ex would be in dating other girls. He would see you as nothing more than a safety net in case his new relationships fail. Make him think that he can lose you by dating or at least speaking to other men. You don’t have to get into a relationship with any of them. It’s all for show on your part. When you date other men, you are creating a void instead of a safety net. He will still miss you as he did before but now, he is more afraid of losing you to another man. If you make him jealous enough, you might just succeed with how to get back with your ex boyfriend. Just remember we all want what we can’t have.

Show him that you don’t need him

In addition to dating other guys, don’t always be available to your ex boyfriend as a friend he can confide on. You need to show him that you have moved on. You might think this will push him away even further, but it will do the opposite. When I say this, don’t completely ignore him. You still want to be there, but don’t make yourself too available. The goal is to make him regret letting you slip away and remind him of the love you had and may still have for each other. In this stage your ex boyfriend is supposed to regret letting you slip away. He may feel confused but if he truly loves you, he’d choose you over his girlfriend.

Don’t make it obvious to the new girl you still want him.

The last thing you want to happen is for her ex girlfriend to find out that you two are still communicating because when she does, she’s going to launch an all-out war to keep her man from getting back with you. Stealing an ex boyfriend from his girlfriend sounds crazy but if he’s stuck in a “rebound,” you can get him back in no time.

Stay active on social media

Once again, you need to stay subtle. But facebook is perfect for helping you to get your ex back. Liking other boys photos, posting on their walls ect will all evoke a fear of jealousy. Just don’t be obvious. Nothing kills attraction more than desperation. You need to “look” like you are getting on with your life. This will create intruige by your ex boyfriend and will help you to steal him back again from that new rebound girl.

The art of subtle text messages

Texting is the easiest way for you to keep in contact, and keep him from forgetting you – without being too obvious. There are certain texts that you can send to get him back. Whatever you do, don’t bombard him with text messages. There is a science in doing this, and boys can’t help but get confused when you play this card right.

There is an awesome program that has been put together and one which I, and my friends have all personally used. It’s something you can keep forever and use whenever you need. It’s not just about getting your ex back, but you can use these text messages when you are in a relationship to keep the attraction and the fire.

It’s well worth it, and if you want your ex back, this is the easiest way for you to do it. You can check out the program in the link below.



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