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GetYourExBack-Fast.Org is a professional review site that receives compensation from companies or organizations whose products we make diligent review. The information and opinions on our website are our own. The readers and users of this website must assume that the owners of this website are compensated as affiliates or advertisers for any products or services or links they recommend.

Readers and users of this website should always be diligent in investigating or reviewing products, goods or services before purchasing them from anyone through the use of the internet or online.

Since we only review products and services, any customer related service requests for the products or services should be directed to the manufacturing organization or companies or service providers. We will not answer ourselves any customer related service requests such as product or service inquiries, customer support and customer care.

Our aim is to give valuable information regarding products and services  which we will be compensated for and we strive to provide our readers realistic and factual information. However, we stress the fact that the variables impacting results are so numerous and in most cases are beyond our control and so we have no guarantee with them all in any way we did.

As a reader or user of this website, you also have to understand that affiliate links for products and services found in this website may be for compensation in money or otherwise. Thus, by clicking certain affiliate links and purchasing of products and services as a result of visiting this website we may be paid or compensated. However, though compensated, these products and services are not created, handled, licensed or owned by us. As we mentioned earlier, we are only compensated for our reviews for certain products and services found in this website.

This website may contain testimonials regarding the result of using certain products or services. However,  we serve the rights  that we are not liable in any way for errors and omissions of our review or the opinion that we provide our readers. It is your sole responsibility to do your own diligent research into different products and services or offers found everywhere before making any purchase of products and services you find in this website mentioned. It is our utmost intent that you only get the product or service you think will satisfy your needs.