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Five Proven Tips to Help You Get Back Together With Your Ex

There is nothing like a break up to drive a cold harsh reality into your life and send you for a tail spin. Sometimes breaks ups are mutual, sometimes they are one-sided and much of the time they are an unexpected life event. If you truly want to get back together with your ex, then you should follow these proven tips.

1. You may have heard of this before, but the no contact rule is important. This means you must not do any of the following:

• Texting;

• Emailing;

• Calling your ex on the phone;

• Showing up at your ex’s house, workplace or any other place they may be hanging out.

Unfortunately, doing any of these things will make you appear desperate and pathetic. You must refrain from any contact for as long as you possibly can. This gives each of you a chance to clear your heads and to consider what is important to you. It also allows your ex to miss you, because if you are constantly contacting them, they are not getting that opportunity at all.

2. Even if you are in serious emotional pain and feel like complete garbage, you must get out of the house. Activities with friends can keep you busy and more importantly, keep your mind off of your need to get back together with your ex. The more time you sit around the house feeling sad, the worse you will feel. For every day that passes you will feel less and less pain, but you need to get out in order to keep busy.

3. When your friends invite you out, take them up on the invitation. When you are out at a party or a bar, initiate contact with the opposite sex and strike up a conversation. Never mention your ex in any conversation, or you will soon find yourself standing alone. The more you talk to the opposite sex, the more confidence you will feel, and if it turns out that you and your ex were not meant to get back together, you are already laying out the groundwork for a new relationship or someone to hang out with. If your ex hears about you being with someone else, it may prompt them to get in touch with you to get the scoop, or they may ask about what is going on through mutual friends of yours.

4. After a few months with no contact, it is okay to make some type of casual contact to test the waters. It could be that your ex left something at your house and you need to return it. Make the reason to contact them a good one, if it seems like something ridiculous, it probably is. Do not take the chance that you will appear stupid. If your ex seems resistant to the idea of meeting or talking, they are probably either not ready to see you or they simply do not want to get back together with you. If you are talking to your ex and they seem like they want to keep talking, cut the conversation short by saying that you need to be somewhere, but do not give any details about what it is you are doing. Being unavailable makes you more attractive to your ex.

5. Once you have had that initial ice breaker contact, if it seems that your ex would like to talk more, ask them if they are interested in meeting for a casual coffee or some other innocuous plan. Keep the conversation light and do not bring up your break up. If your ex wants to bring up the subject of “what happened”, let them. Do not get defensive about anything that has happened, do not apologize or grovel. Keep an air of confidence about you that will keep your ex guessing. If you want to get back together with your ex, you do not want to appear desperate or needy, because those are extremely unattractive qualities in a person.

If you keep an open mind and are willing to compromise, much of the time you can work things out with your ex and eventually get back together if it is something you both want to do. It can prove to be difficult to keep things together when you miss your ex, but it is important to appear confident every time you go out in public. Pull yourself together and keep your chin up, because if things are meant to be, you will definitely get back together with your ex.


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