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How To Get Back Your Ex – Your Ultimate “Step by Step” Guide

How To Get Back Your ExIf you want to learn how to get back your ex after a difficult breakup, then this guide was written with you in mind. In particular, you’re about to discover several powerful tips for reigniting their old feelings for you, and allowing you to both fall in love with each other all over again. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be armed with several effective techniques to accomplish what your heart desires – so let’s begin.

Tip 1 – Don’t Be Needy.

After a tough breakup, it’s likely that your ex will be on your mind all the time. If you let your thoughts focus too heavily on your ex at this stage, then there’s a good chance that anything you do will come across as clingy or needy.

While your emotions are making you reach out to them and do everything you can to win them back, everything you “do” to try to win them back will be counterproductive at this stage. Therefore, it’s wise to spend some time on yourself. Try to indulge in your favorite hobbies, catch up with old friends, and even pamper yourself.

Tip 2 – Give Them Time To Miss You.

Even if your ex has broken up with you, there’s still a good chance they will miss you. However, if you are constantly trying to contact them and get answers to the millions of questions that you may have, then you’re never going to give them “time” to miss you. It’s a good idea to circle a day on a calendar when you’ll allow yourself to contact them again. This time should be at least two weeks after the breakup, but the longer you can leave it, the more effective it could be when you make contact.

Tip 3 – Make Contact.

After several weeks have passed, you should be in a better frame of mind, and you’re feeling more emotionally stable and secure. This is crucial, because if you ex feels like you “need” them – then they are likely to be repelled away from you. It’s fine to “want” your ex back, but “needing” them back will be unhealthy for both of you.

When you make contact, you don’t want to sound desperate or beg for their attention. Instead, you should think of a small, non-committal idea that can bring you two together on a “date”. A good example of this could be going for a drink, or something fun and entertaining. The idea is to pick something easy and light – that isn’t going to cause arguments – or any kind of “serious relationship talk”.

Tip 4 – Have Fun.

While you’re on this “date”, the focus should be on having fun. When you’re both feeling positive emotions together during a lighthearted activity, then you will begin to bond again as a new couple – rather than dredging up past conflicts that will only cause you to break up again at a later stage. Try to keep the conversation light, playful, and in the present moment – instead of dwelling on things that have happened in the past, or any possibilities for the future.

Tip 5 – Let Them Know You’ve Been Thinking About Them.

If the initial date has been going well, then you can let them know that you’ve been thinking about them recently. Alternatively, you could wait until the first date is over, and tell them this a few days later. However, you still need to keep things light – so don’t tell them that they occupy your every waking thought.

Instead, casually drop a hint about something that reminded you of them, such as eating at a particular restaurant, or seeing a movie that you’ve watched together in the past. This should keep the conversation light, but also gradually begin to remind them of the happy feelings you two have shared together.

Tip 6 – Take Things Slowly.

When you’re living through a breakup, your emotions can make you think and behave irrationally. You may find that you’re desperate to win your ex back as fast as possible, or get answers to all the questions you have about the breakup. But if you truly want to win this person back, then it’s important to focus on positive feelings and take things slowly, just like a new relationship.

If you are going to have a satisfying and rewarding relationship after a breakup, then you’ll both have to approach the reunion as new people, without letting any of the past baggage weigh you down and hamper your life together. This is much easier to do when you don’t try to “rush” anything.

Tactics To Get An Ex Girlfriend Back

A break-up is most devastating for a guy who found a girl worth marrying. Everything was going well – or at least, you thought it was – when she decided to break it off with you. It could have been you, her, or both of you that made mistakes but that doesn’t really matter now. You two are not a couple anymore and therefore no longer compelled to patch things up. At the beginning, the break-up will feel like a bad dream but the reality of not being a couple will start to sink in when she starts ignoring your texts, emails, and calls. After giving it some thought you realized you want nothing more than to get your ex girlfriend back. There are tactics which you can do to win her back and in this article, I’m going to share some to you.

Give it some time. If you’ve been reaching out to her since the break-up, stop communicating and give her space. Personally, you can take the same time as a breather. If you haven’t reached out to her since then, that’s good! Both of you need time to re-evaluate the relationship, the break-up, and your feelings towards each other. If she realizes that breaking up was a rash decision, she might get back with you right away. Additionally, take this time away to improve yourself not as a means to get your ex girlfriend back but to be a better man. If she doesn’t take you back, now is also the time to plan on what you can do to rekindle the romance.

Also worth noting is the fact that if you stop communicating with her, you’ll also stop being the failsafe in case she needs a shoulder to cry on. This subtle but effective tactic will make her miss you and possibly regret letting you go. On a different note, stopping communication will make her realize that she might lose you forever. If these thoughts drive her crazy, you don’t have to worry about how to get your ex girlfriend back because she’ll be the one to patch things up.

Make the most out of your life. Don’t let the break-up make you a bum who doesn’t care about his appearance. Look your best all the time, be productive, and spend more time on your hobbies. Engaging in outdoor activities, developing your skills at art, and working out are just some of the things you can do more now that you’re single. Next time you bump into each other, play catch-up and she’d be impressed by the progress you made. It may not be enough to get your ex girlfriend back but it will make her think about you as an option.

Apologize for your mistakes. If you are absolutely sure that the break-up is all on you, reflect on your mistakes and talk to her about it. Set up a date and personally tell her how you feel. If you want to get your ex girlfriend back, now is also the time to swallow your pride and tell her you want to get back together. By the time you do this, you and your ex must have had the time to contemplate and you must be a better version of how you used to be. That way, she won’t be able to resist your offer to get back together.

5 Secret Jealousy Tactics that will make your Ex Want You Back

Making an ex boyfriend jealous may be one of the oldest strategies for getting back together but believe it or not, it works! It turns him into a jealous green-eyed monster at the beginning but eventually, the same jealousy will transform him into a regretful romantic who wants nothing more than to get you back. Not all “jealousy tactics” can help you get your ex back though. Some of them can push him further away from you. If you still want a second shot with your ex, the following techniques can make him jealous enough to want you back.

1. Post a picture with a guy he doesn’t know.

He doesn’t have to be hot and you don’t have to post more than one picture. A single shot of you and some other guy is enough to drive him crazy and make you get your ex back. If you don’t feel like dating yet, the “new guy” doesn’t have to be a formal date. It can be an old friend, a close guy friend he doesn’t know about, a workmate, or a fellow student. Make sure that the photo is innocent but mysterious enough to make him think you’re dating. You and the guy can sit right next to each other without any kissing, embracing, or any other sign of physical contact.

2. Show up at a party with a new man.

Again, it should be someone your ex boyfriend isn’t acquainted to. At the event, you can introduce the new guy to your ex boyfriend. Remember to look hot when attending the same party with your ex and more importantly, have fun! When he notices that you’re having fun with someone else, he’ll be jealous enough to want you back.

3. Maintain communication.

This is where many women are mistaken. If you stop communicating in the midst of your jealousy tactics, you are merely pushing him away. Instead of getting him back, cutting all ties will make him believe that you’ve moved on – perhaps too much to rekindle the old romance. If you truly want to get your ex back, keep in touch. Once in a while, let him know what you’ve been up to by posting statuses on Facebook or Twitter. Giving him a preview of your life even though you’re not together anymore will make him miss you.

4. Make it look as if you don’t care about his life.

Maintaining communication gives him reason to stalk you but when it comes to his life, you should ignore his posts unless he personally shares them to you via text and email. Don’t leave a comment or bring it up during conversations. By not knowing or at least, pretending to not know anything about him, he will stop seeing you as a safety net and begin to see you as someone he can potentially lose over someone else. Also, this strategy will make him miss the “you” who used to care about him.

Attempting to get your ex back by making him jealous is a risky mission. You may lose him in the process if you push it to the extremes. Remember to keep things light and to avoid pushing him away.

5. Text Messages

Sending subtle text messages as a form of keeping your communication with your ex, can also be a secret weapon to getting them back. There are many techniques and methods that will entice your ex back into your life. Human emotions, especially Male emotions, can be played on, to win them back. Just make sure you are using the secret techniques for the RIGHT reason.

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In no time, he will want you back and do everything he can to make sure it happens.

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