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7 Successful Ways To Get Ex Boyfriend Back Fast

Mistakes in relationship cannot be eluded. Nearly 75% of the relationships go through premature breakups. Therefore, in case you have gone through the unfortunate experience of a breakup and are now wondering as to how to get your ex boyfriend back then, stop worrying because you can definitely get him back, if you are patient, observant and smart. Discover the technique to regenerate your relationship with a lost love in seven effective steps!


Offer an earnest apology for what you must have done that might have contributed to the breakup. This is the foremost step in mending a dented relationship and it must not be understated. You must ensure that the apology comes straight from the heart and is absolutely sincere or your ex boyfriend may feel that you are being fake or deceitful and he will instantly dismiss any thoughts of taking you back.

Respect His Desire For Space:

One of the most terrible things that you can do to spoil your likelihood of getting your ex back is to pester or stalk him. Continuously texting or calling can only make him want to maintain a distance from you. If he wishes to continue talking to you then that will be like a great opportunity to rebuild the relationship, but if he requests for more time or space then ensure that you honor his desires. If you respect his requests; he may in turn start liking you all over again.

Revamp Yourself

The best way to get your ex boyfriend back is by increasing your value and by being in demand. If he realizes that you are hanging out with other men and they are paying you lots of attention then that will boost your value and increase your demand. This can also make him feel that you may not want him any longer and thus cause him to feel insecure. As a result, he may begin to seek your attention and try to befriend you.

Retain The Friendship:

Take things one at a time. To be able to win his heart all over again; you have to remain friends. If he agrees, this can be your opportunity to clarify yourself and discuss about what caused everything to go wrong and the blunders that turned the relationship sour. Even your ex boyfriend will certainly have something to speak as he might express how he felt about the unfortunate relationship. During the course of the conversation try to bring up the fond memories you both spent together. When he remembers the good times of the relationship, he may consider reviving the relationship.

Don’t Be Desperate

Most guys hate it when their girlfriends, particularly ex girlfriends, happen to be obsessive about them. You may try to find comfort by seeing or hearing him, but if you actually want him to come back; you should back-off for the time being. Also avoid going to the places where he hangs out merely to see him. He may eventually start missing you. Grant him sometime to become conscious of the fact that he might have committed a mistake by breaking up with you.

Say Positive Things About Your Ex

Ensure that you have only good things to say about your ex boyfriend and do not speak ill about him in anyway. This is an excellent way to get your lost love back. The world is a small place and it doesn’t take much time for words to spread. And, kind words spread as fast as the bad ones, so your ex boyfriend will soon get to hear these positive messages and redevelop a soft corner for you.

Enjoy Your Life

Try to be happy and cheerful; even though you been through a breakup recently. Chill out with your friends, focus on your studies or work, pamper yourself and date again! And preferably, ensure that your ex sees you enjoy your life! Let him be aware that you are happy and have moved on! Many men wish for women who are independent and possess the ability to look after themselves, so you may never realize when he begins to crave for an optimistic person like you.

Overall, getting your ex boyfriend back is not an unattainable task. It simply entails time and patience. But, ultimately, it depends upon you, if you are prepared to put in your best effort; you may regain what your heart seeks dearly!

10 Of The Best Tips Get Back With An Ex

Most women will admit that their relationship has hit a roadblock when it comes to intimacy and passion. Sadly, this happens to most couples and it is something that anyone can avoid. However, most people tend to accept this distance as “normal,” but this is not exactly true. Though it is true that a couple will need some space, you should always try to keep the spark alive so that things do not become rocky. Here are 10 simple but sure tips of re-igniting the spark in your relationship.

Tip #1 Change The Routine

One of the biggest reasons why couples tend to drift apart is because they are doing the same thing, at the same time, everyday. This can get very old and this is biggest sign that you need to change the routine. Whatever you decide on, change is almost always good and so it will really help rekindle something new. Sometimes all you need to do is fall in love with each other again.

Tip #2 Take Lead

Though it is nice to rely on your man to do all the work, often times it is a good idea to take lead. This means that you show him that you can plan a date and also surprise him. By doing so, you will really show him that you are serious about fixing the relationship.

Tip #3 Help Reminisce

Sometimes a walk in the park and talking about all the good times can really help any “broken” relationship. Two people who were once in love will always use this method to help reignite the spark that they once had. This is a very effective technique that will really you out.

Tip #4 Give Him A Special Gift

Often times, gifts are only given when it is an anniversary or someone’s birthday. However, if you want to randomly make your man happy, you should think about putting some effort and finding a very unique gift. This gift certainly does not have to be something that you bought as it can also be something that you made for him.

Tip #5 Tell Him What You Want

One of the biggest problems that women have is that they just don’t want to tell their man what they want. Women want men to know everything and this leads to a lot of misunderstandings. Make sure that you are open with him because things will end up being unsaid and this is where the distance begins. You want to avoid this by simply being open with him at all times.

Tip #6 Go On Vacation

There is nothing better than going on vacation with the person that you love. This is a wonderful way to get out of the same routine that you both go through on a daily basis and a vacation will greatly help your relationship become stronger.

Tip #7 Feel Sexy

Go out and buy some lingerie and anything that you find sexy. This will help you gain more confidence and also have him falling for you once again. No matter how old you are, there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling and looking sexy for the person that you love.

Tip #8 Play Games Together

Having fun together is often the one thing that tends to decrease as the years go by. Find some new games to play together and you will see that you two will start to really bond even more.

Tip #9 Learn Something New Together

When you first started dating, you learned everything about each other. Now that you know almost everything about each other, it is then time to learn new things together. Whether it is a musical instrument, reading new books, or anything that you both enjoy, learning something new together is a wonderful activity to help rekindle the love.

Tip #10 Make Weekly Plans Together

The weekend is when you and your loved one should really spend time together. If you take the initiative to have a date on the weekends, you will be able to really help the relationship get back on track.

These are just some of the simple things that you can do right away to help you and your man back to where you were before. With the right approach, you can certainly have him fall even more in love with you.

5 Ways Of Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

There is a lot of information surrounding how to get your girlfriend back on the internet and other forms of media such as books and magazines. Unfortunately, some of these sources contain a lot misleading information which tends to exacerbate your current situation rather than helping you out of it. Getting your ex girlfriend back involves a slow process and doing a number of things appropriately. Your ex might still be in love in you and might even want to get back together straight away, but this is not the best route to follow. If you want her back, you want to have her for good. It is then imperative that you have a long-term relationship plan in place, to guarantee success and avoid past mistakes. Here are five killer ways of how to get your girlfriend back after a break up:

# 1 – Do not Contact her immediately after a break up:

Avoid any form of communication with your ex-girlfriend right after a break up. Give them ample time to recollect their thoughts. Then, write her a brief text message or an email and apologize for whatever happened between the two of you. Do not call her. If she texts you back, do not ask her out for a date yet. Keep exchanging texts for one or two weeks, then casually invite her to accompany you to lunch at a restaurant in town. Lunch dates are a bit more relaxed and less demanding than dinner dates, so avoid dinner at all costs. Make things comfortable and you will not come across as needy or obsessed with her.

# 2 – Arrange for scenarios whereby you will ‘accidentally’ bump into each other:

If she does not respond to your texts or does not want to meet up with you, then this tactic comes to play. You have to realize that if the two of you do not see each other again, there is absolutely no chance of you getting back together. However, ensure that you do this in moderation and make everything appear natural and coincidental. Otherwise, she will think that you are a stalker and this will ruin any chances of you getting back together. By ‘accidentally’ bumping into her, you will make her believe that fate is bringing the two of you together and that you were meant for each other.

# 3 – Have an attractive lifestyle

Every time she gets to see you, ensure that you appear to her like someone who is totally having the time of his life. Dress well, look happy and get a new hobby. You may go out swimming with dolphins or scuba diving and then post these pictures on Facebook. Use Facebook and other social networking sites wisely; do not post too much of these pictures on these sites. You will give her an upper hand if she realizes that they are aimed at her.

# 4 – Start dating other women

This is one of the most effective ways of getting your girlfriend back, especially if you start dating other attractive girls. Biologically, women have the tendency to have some attraction towards men ‘preselected’ by other quality women. This also triggers her jealous reactions and will consider having you back.

Alternatively, get at least three new female friends and hang out with them often. These methods may seem counterintuitive but by doing them, it shows your ex girlfriend that you are secure and in control of your feelings. It also proves to her that other people find you attractive.

# 5 – Be a good friend to your ex-girlfriend

If the above techniques fail to work and still do not want to let go of her, try making friends with her and maintain a good friendly relationship. However, do not let her know that you still have feelings for her. Keep your distance for the friendship to seem casual. Afterward, go back to the attraction phase and display your alpha male traits: show confidence, humor and be a challenge.

If you are successful in getting her back, you will have to sit down and talk about the issues that resulted into the break-up. There is no sense in hastily going back into a relationship, then break up over the same things a few months down the line.

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