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Five Proven Tips to Help You Get Back Together With Your Ex

There is nothing like a break up to drive a cold harsh reality into your life and send you for a tail spin. Sometimes breaks ups are mutual, sometimes they are one-sided and much of the time they are an unexpected life event. If you truly want to get back together with your ex, then you should follow these proven tips.

1. You may have heard of this before, but the no contact rule is important. This means you must not do any of the following:

• Texting;

• Emailing;

• Calling your ex on the phone;

• Showing up at your ex’s house, workplace or any other place they may be hanging out.

Unfortunately, doing any of these things will make you appear desperate and pathetic. You must refrain from any contact for as long as you possibly can. This gives each of you a chance to clear your heads and to consider what is important to you. It also allows your ex to miss you, because if you are constantly contacting them, they are not getting that opportunity at all.

2. Even if you are in serious emotional pain and feel like complete garbage, you must get out of the house. Activities with friends can keep you busy and more importantly, keep your mind off of your need to get back together with your ex. The more time you sit around the house feeling sad, the worse you will feel. For every day that passes you will feel less and less pain, but you need to get out in order to keep busy.

3. When your friends invite you out, take them up on the invitation. When you are out at a party or a bar, initiate contact with the opposite sex and strike up a conversation. Never mention your ex in any conversation, or you will soon find yourself standing alone. The more you talk to the opposite sex, the more confidence you will feel, and if it turns out that you and your ex were not meant to get back together, you are already laying out the groundwork for a new relationship or someone to hang out with. If your ex hears about you being with someone else, it may prompt them to get in touch with you to get the scoop, or they may ask about what is going on through mutual friends of yours.

4. After a few months with no contact, it is okay to make some type of casual contact to test the waters. It could be that your ex left something at your house and you need to return it. Make the reason to contact them a good one, if it seems like something ridiculous, it probably is. Do not take the chance that you will appear stupid. If your ex seems resistant to the idea of meeting or talking, they are probably either not ready to see you or they simply do not want to get back together with you. If you are talking to your ex and they seem like they want to keep talking, cut the conversation short by saying that you need to be somewhere, but do not give any details about what it is you are doing. Being unavailable makes you more attractive to your ex.

5. Once you have had that initial ice breaker contact, if it seems that your ex would like to talk more, ask them if they are interested in meeting for a casual coffee or some other innocuous plan. Keep the conversation light and do not bring up your break up. If your ex wants to bring up the subject of “what happened”, let them. Do not get defensive about anything that has happened, do not apologize or grovel. Keep an air of confidence about you that will keep your ex guessing. If you want to get back together with your ex, you do not want to appear desperate or needy, because those are extremely unattractive qualities in a person.

If you keep an open mind and are willing to compromise, much of the time you can work things out with your ex and eventually get back together if it is something you both want to do. It can prove to be difficult to keep things together when you miss your ex, but it is important to appear confident every time you go out in public. Pull yourself together and keep your chin up, because if things are meant to be, you will definitely get back together with your ex.

7 Foolproof Ways Of How To Get Your Boyfriend Back

Breaking up from a relationship can be a painful experience for women, particularly if they are still in love with their boyfriends. While most women would not admit it, it is always fulfilling to get back into a relationship with an old flame you still love. The following are some foolproof ways of how to get your boyfriend back after a break up:

1. Crying won’t help; know how to deal with your emotions

Most women who break-up with their boyfriends normally fall into this trap. They grumble and whinge for several days thinking their ex-boyfriends will feel guilty and get back to them. Some even end up loathing everything around them. It is therefore important that you get your act together and learn how to control yourself. The task ahead will require lots of character, mental strength and resilience.

2 – Maintain a healthy friendship with your ex-boyfriend

This is a very effective way of getting your boyfriend back. Being friends is a great way of getting closer to him, without pressuring them into getting back into the relationship. Remember to take things slowly and let the relationship be as casual as possible. Do not get emotional and reveal your true intentions.

 3 – Stop the mind games

You ought to be very sincere with them this time round. Since your ex has been close to you for a long period of time, they will know if you are honest or not. Prove to them that you are sincere by admitting that you are the one on the wrong. Do not defend yourself on any accusations they level against you.

 4 – Establish what led to the break-up from his perspective

Understanding men’s psychology is very important if you intend to get your boyfriend back. Therefore, you should concentrate on what he thinks about you. For instance, if they believe that you are the one who destroyed the relationship, be prompt in making your apology. This way, he will reserve some space for you in his heart. However, getting such information from men can be a quite difficult task, as they would never directly tell you what’s hurting them. This is where his friends come into play. More often than not, he will tell some mutual friends what led to the break-up. Get this information from them. Knowing what led to the break-up will go a long way in avoiding the occurrence of a similar situation in the future.

 5 – Befriend his guy friends

Lastly, most women looking to get their boyfriends back do not know that his friends may be the key to success. Try hanging out with his friends and let them see another side of you that they do not know. While at it, do not pressurize them into mediating talks between the two of you. Instead, focus on impressing them and being good company to them. After some time, they will be glad to persuade their friend to get back to you.

 6 – Listen to him, him alone!

Other people, your girlfriends in particular, may say bad things about him that you would not like. Hence, do not pay too much attention to what other people have to say. After all, this is your life and your potential future husband that we are talking about! Third parties are notorious for ruining relationships with overtones, incitements and false innuendo. If your ultimate goal is to get your boyfriend back, focus on him, his demands and feelings.

7- Nagging your ex-boyfriend does not help

This is another common mistake women make when trying to get their boyfriends back. When it comes to men, logic prevails over emotions. If you cannot present any firm arguments to them, getting him back will be a huge task. More so, trying to contact him incessantly will not only get him irritated, but will make him lose all the respect he had for you. Nobody likes stalkers. Therefore, give him his space and ignore them for a while and make them miss you.

In summary, this process will require consistency continuous effort on your side. Conversely, if this is not the guy you intend to spend the rest of your life with, these tips are not worth trying. You are better off with someone else, so consider dating again. Do not lock yourself out from the numerous opportunities that are out there in the dating world!

4 Excellent Tips to Get Your Spouse Back for Good!

According to studies carried out by the National Institute of Health, nearly half of the marriages in the US end up in divorce. However, many of these people find out at a later stage that they were too hasty in their decision to divorce, and do in fact, still love their spouses, and want to get back together with them.

Many of them are at a loss though, as to how to go about trying to get their spouses back, especially since divorce is considered to be the true ending of a marriage. If you are one of these unfortunate people, then the following 4 tips are sure to convince you that your divorce need not be the end of your relationship with your ex, and that there is indeed every possibility that you can get your spouse back again.

Tip # 1. Take control of your emotions

Obviously, you are feeling very miserable right now, because of your situation, but it is very important that you do all you can to get yourself out of this state of depression that you are in. Not only are these constant negative thoughts going to affect your health, but they will also affect everything else in your life as well.

Your job will suffer because you are unable to function properly, you will find yourself pushing family and friends aside, and worst of all, your misery will cause you to wallow in self-pity.

No matter how “down” you are feeling, force yourself back into the real world, by being with your family as much as possible. Get in touch with your friends and join in with their activities. In other words, start to live life to the full again. Having a positive attitude is sure to make positive things happen.

Tip # 2. Do not dwell on the past

There is a good chance that since the divorce, you have been thinking constantly about the good times you and your spouse had during your time together, and wishing that you could have them back again. It is great that you had such good times with your spouse, but you must remember that those days are gone now, and they will never come back again. This might seem really depressing to you, but if you change your way of thinking, then you will realize that there could be a whole new relationship ahead for you and your ex, if you go about things in the right way.

Concentrate rather on the bad side of your marriage, and the things that you personally said and did, that caused you and your spouse to end the marriage, and what you can do to change them. If you can show your spouse how willing you are to admit to, and correct the things that you said and did to cause your marriage to turn sour, then there is a good possibility that he will reciprocate, and do the same.

Tip # 3. Exercise patience

As eager as you are to get your spouse back and your marriage back on track again, you are going to have to be patient. It took some time for the problems in your relationship to become so bad that the marriage ended, and it is going to take some time too, for you and your spouse to try to fix the mistakes you both made.

Tip #4. Allow the hurt and anger to subside

With the build up of problems over the years, and then the trauma of the divorce, there is no doubt that you and your spouse are still both very hurt and angry at each other. It will take some time for these bad feelings to disappear, and the best way to achieve this, is for you and your spouse to go your separate ways for a while.

Spending some quality time with your respective families and friends will help to take your minds off each other and the failed marriage, and help tremendously too, to ease the pain of the divorce and the anger you feel toward each other. The love you once had for each other will take over from these bad feelings as they fade away, and you will start missing each other. This is then the perfect time to start communicating with each other, so that you can discuss in a calm and relaxed way, how you can work together, to get your relationship back on track again.

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